Friday, November 9, 2012

The Kindergarten Corner: Delightful As Usual

Another school week filled with fun.  Janessa is truly becoming more and more independent each day. I have to really keep an eye on her to see if she is mastering things that we don't do together. Her interest is growing in all areas and she successfully completes a three hour non interrupted work period alone. We do any lessons that must be done together outside of this time. If I interrupt her, she is not a happy camper. So I just wait and observe and give her lessons during the preschoolers quiet time. Here's a peek into what Janessa did for school this week.


One of Janessa's favorite math activities was working with the calendar. She loved using the guide to place the numbers in order and learn how to set up a calendar

  • Worked with the Teen Boards
  • Wrote the number three numerous of times
  • Counted dinosaurs in the Number Jars
  • Prepared snack for a group of eight children
  • Worked with the Sandpaper Numbers
  • Worked with the Cards and Counters  
  • Recognized an ABCC Pattern             
 Janessa started spelling with All About Spelling Level 1. To help her familiarize herself with the Small  Moveable Alphabet she matched the letters to the cards provided by AAS. She enjoyed doing this activity immensely and also spelled kitty, a word she learned to read in her reading program.

  • Also worked on vowel digraphs
  • a number of reading sentence work pages from lessons from PAL: Reading and Writing from Institute for Excellence in Writing.
  • Started working on writing uppercase letters
  • Played a game that reinforced what letters were consonants or vowels.
  • Worked with the Metal Insets and Pink/ Green Sandpaper letters
  • Enjoyed independently reading.
  • Fell in love with Jack and Annie from The Magic Treehouse. I am reading aloud Book 1: Dinosaurs Before Dark  
  • Enjoyed learning more about the new poem "Squirrel".                                                                        

Cultural Works

Our new talking microscope was a work that Janessa repeated a lot this week. She really was excited that she was able to identify the letters to put the code in herself. This is a great first microscope. 
  • Worked with the parts of the leaf puzzle and cards.
  • Worked with the Botany Cabinet sensorially.
  • Learned what a Paleontologist does.
  • Learned different names of dinosaurs
  • Learned how to erupt a volcano independently with baking powder and vinegar
  • Did lots of work finding animals around the world.
  • Worked with the landforms and can identify an island.  

Practical Life
Practical life works have always been Janessa's favorite area to complete works in. This week I introduced a two hand mixer to the children and she spent a lot of time mixing up bubbles.
  • Helped prepare snacks
  • Helped to keep the work area clean by sweeping when even it wasn't her mess.
  • Worked on sewing a doll dress
  • Made a bracelet
  • Used a garlic presser
  • Dusted  classroom shelves    
We had a wonderful week. No major distractions and lots of fun inside, it has been way too cold in these parts. How did your school week go? I would love to know leave me a comment or a link and I 'll be sure to stop by.          

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  1. Wow, look at all that gets done!!! Congratulations on your nomination!

  2. Looks like a wonderful week! My Kindergartner would never sit for three hours, but I bet he would love that microscope!

    1. I don't think anyone can sit for three hours. Janessa is moving around while working quite a bit:)

  3. You make doing all this look so easy. How did you get started with doing true Montessori at home? I struggle with space, time and organization in doing so.


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