Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Math Journal

Ken finally got a spiffy sketch journal that she has been eyeing for months. This made DJ want to have a spiffy one too. I already purchased some not so fancy sketchbooks that he wanted. Then I remembered seeing someone on blog land( sorry I can't remember), using duct tape to decorate a folder. Updated!! I just found the blog that inspired this activity, Inner Child Fun go visit and see some really cool amazing creative projects. So I suggested this to him and he became a happy camper.
 DJ decided that he would use this journal for a math journal. He used the work I created for him to learn division equations.

 From previous work with this material he had already recorded some equations into another notebook, so he took that information and  transferred it into his new journal.
              Proud owner of a math journal!! Sorry about the photo quality.


  1. Neat Idea. Love how nice the cover turned out!

  2. He look s o proud! Keep up the excellent work!


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