Monday, September 3, 2012

A Nature Walk

When we came home on Saturday to care for our dog, DJ got geared up for an impromptu nature walk. A nature walk that I didn't even know we were planning to do:)

Inspired by the book Snake Scientist by Sy Montgomery his mission was to find a snake with a pheromone trail. I sure wish I had a picture of what he made for pheromone, well lets just say it was a lot of flour:)

   No snakes, but a few frogs were interested in his treat.

 Inside they had a exhibit right up his alley. We didn't really stay too long because it was hot, and DJ packed way too much and became tired of carrying his equipment.


  1. I love the "nature walk that I didn't know we were planning to do"! We've had a few of these around here, too. I love that kind of enthusiasm!

  2. I second exactly what Eddie said. We had a "nature walk" last night that turned into lots of Science questions! I love it....:)


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