Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Write to Read, Read to Learn: Language Link Up

On Monday I shared what was currently on the children's art shelf , and today I want to share with you what is currently in our writing center drawers. Our writing center is a 10 drawer organizer that I purchased at Jo Ann's using a 50% off coupon. I have seen this storage organizer on a lot of homeschool blogs being used as workboxes.

 Since showing my children this writing center and adding our art materials into the classroom their interest in writing has improved drastically. I am not at all implying to go get everything you see in the picture, but I do recommend a variety of writing materials in the classroom or home school. For what its' worth most of this stuff has been acquired over time, or purchased at the Dollar Store.
 On the top shelf: Dictionary, thesaurus, calligraphy manual, PrintMaster software, banner paper, dry erase board, video camera, and camera.
 Drawer 1: Dry erase markers, Calligraphy pens, Sharpies and pencil sharpeners. I have a  personal storage space that I use to keep the extras, so far this system has been working out and the caps have stayed  on the markers when not in use. The Sharpies were in use when I was taking this picture.
 Drawer 2: Glue sticks, School Glue, and a variety of tape.
 Drawer 3:  Also known as the Editing Drawer has highlighters, write out, correction tape, and erasers.
 Drawer 4: Paperclips, binder clips, thumb tacks( used to hang work in progress on cork boards), hole punchers, and brad fasteners.
 Drawer 5: Index cards, sentence strips, special paper with a color changing pen, and post its.
 Drawer 6: Alphabet stickers, number stickers, sticky letters, and letter stencils.
 Drawer 7: Report covers, protective paper covers                                                                                

The bottom drawers remain empty for now. Ken requested an assortment of ribbon to bind books so I am certain one drawer will be dedicated to those. This system we use helps make the best use of space, and offers my children comfort in knowing there is a place for everything.

Now it is your turn to share! Please link up any Language related activities . Past post are welcomed! All ages are encouraged. Just don't forget to link back here, and be sure to link to the actual language post and not your blog. Thank you so much for participating!!


  1. That certainly is a place to encourage writing!

  2. I am adding Caligraphy pens to my wish list!! Now I am off to do a post so I an link up :) Great idea!!!

  3. Division of different things in between drawers is just amazing. Each and everything can be easily remembered and it will be easy to find what ever thing we want to use. All these different things increase student's interest in study. If teacher uses markers of different colors then student can easily understand the point.

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