Friday, September 21, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up: Fall Week 3

Another great week of home schooling. They loved my suggested plans and gobbled up every bit of information that was coming there way. Take a look

Ken and Michelle finished up their read alouds. Michelle has been writing up a storm as usual on various topics, mainly about Feminism. Michelle is very upset with some of the stuff she has been reading about it. Her concern is that Feminism should not exclude other groups in their pursuit for equal rights.

 Inspired by our Latin lessons Michelle has becoming a Linguist studying other languages while doing activities in the workbooks pictured above.                              
Ken and DJ have been editing, revising...

 And  publishing their first work this week. DJ published a letter and Ken published her paragraph describing an object.
Teaching Textbooks has continued to work well with Michelle she completed lessons 6- 12 which covered negative numbers and how to determine when the number is negative when multiplying, adding, subtracting, or dividing. Also practiced speed and distance problems.

Ken mastered the concept of what an absolute value is, found the factors of twelve using the golden bead units and recorded the information into her journal. She also worked with the Checkerboard and has improved her long multiplication skills.

  DJ worked with the bead bars to solve multiplication equations. He loved working with the Division chart, and learned that division and subtraction are not axioms and cannot follow the commutative property rule.
                                                         Social Studies
We read a lot in regards to the U.S Government and our current elections.
Ken and DJ made a timeline of the election process.
 Michelle created a poster to encourage people to get out and vote.       

They all enjoy working with the Time Line of Life.
In the photo above they are presenting some information to me. This is something that they decided to do all on their own.
 DJ has taken to this work by completing at least ten pages of copy work using the companion books.

This week's zoology lesson was reviewing the Six Kingdoms
We used the above resource from Montessori Print Shop to make booklets.
They also referred to another chart from Montessori for Everyone
    Another sign of DJ being in his sensitive period of language, he alphabetized his work before stapling it.
I introduced the children to the first Geographic Impressionistic Chart #1. This material was undoubtedly My Favorite Resource this week.
 What they learned by looking at the chart was the size of Earth in relation to the sun. The small dot in the left corner is Earth, quite small isn't? They were also shocked to learn that it would take 1,3000.000 Earths to equal the volume of the sun. There was a whole lot of information also covered as well.

 The download includes 18 Geographic Impressionistic Charts, explanation of the charts and several experiments to go along with each chart.
    The set up was easy and the lesson was a hit!!
Together we did Experiment #1 which  illustrated the force of cohesion. which causes molecules of the same kind to be attracted to each other. There are five more experiments that go along with the chart, which are available on the shelf for them to work with. Each week I will introduce a new chart. You can get your Geographic Impressionistic Charts(6-9) at Montessori For Everyone 

We continue to learn more about Claude Monet with Meet the Masters. This week they explored the colors of the color wheel.
    The oil pastels are their favorite medium to use.            
In the photo above they are critiquing Monet's painting with thumbs up or thumbs down.
  I love to capture pictures of older ones in the classroom helping the younger ones:)
For botany this week they reviewed the parts of the root.
  Their projects continue to get their attention, although they often leak over to other things.
 Ken learning the basics about a new to her sewing machine, and she completed her first no sew Halloween costume to sale.                                                                          
   DJ projects has shifted a little to learn more about simple machines.                                                                         
 Michelle has been writing and researching as much as she can about Winnie-the-Pooh and his alleged mental illnesses.            

Looks like they got their rhythm . Thank you for stopping by and reading what we have been doing this week. How was your week?  Leave me a comment I would love to hear or pop over to your blog if you have one.      

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  1. I love the work your students produce. Wonderful and varied work. (BTW... what does god who has no hands mean?)

    1. "God Who Has No Hands" is a creation story written by Dr. Marie Montessori. The story is one of the Great Lessons presented in an elementary montessori classroom. If you are interested in learning more about it I have a post with links

      Thank you for asking this question and for stopping by!!

  2. Me? More energy than you? Nah - don't think so! LOL I think YOU have more! ::wink:: Look at all that hands-on learning you do with the kiddos! We're productive, but only some of our work is hands-on. We do a lot of traditional work such as workbooks. Whatever works, right? Your always doing some really cool things! Those math beads are very interesting! And the timeline...and studying roots...And...LOL

  3. Love all your Montessori works! Loved the pic of the kids critiquing Monet's work- cracked me up for some reason. :)

    Thanks for all the links too.

  4. Another busy week! It's always so cool to see how you encourage and facilitate as each of your kids follow their own unique interests.

    I'd love it if you wanted to link your most recent weekly wrap up with me on Wednesdays. It may not be a super happening link up yet, but perhaps one day! ;)

  5. Great stuff, as always. Thanks for the link to the Zoology cards!

  6. So many wonderful activities in your week! I am intrigued by the Little Linguists workbooks...they look like fun :)

    Thanks for linking at Favorite Resources.


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