Friday, September 7, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up: Fall 2012 Week 2

The kids really showed a lot of enthusiasm in "school" this week. Everything went just how I visioned it !! They enjoyed working with their new choices and I loved every minute of it. I took as many pictures that I could so I could savor the moments for those days that may not be so great. Take a look.

They remain focused and committed to their project work.

 working with Print Master to create a magazine of her clothing designs.
Building Legos and computer programming

Math has been welcomed by all three of them. They are building their confidence and letting go of  previous bad experiences. The kiddos are embracing the new ways and looking forward to new lessons.

DJ worked on reviewing multiplication facts, he also made up his own division work.

 Ken absolutely loves working on long multiplication with the Checkerboard, she also learned about and explored Absolute Value.                                                                           
Michelle completed the first five lessons in Teaching Textbooks Algebra 1. The lessons covered inverse operations and solving algebra equations
We read the first story in our Great Lesson book and they are really into it. The questions are all over the place. DJ is wondering how to make water!! Ken is figuring out if it is really true if it all started from just a speck. Michelle wants to know what happens to us when we all die. Lots of questions, and much research is going on. Stay tuned!!
        DJ and Ken had a lot of fun doing different chemistry experiments.

We started our Latin lessons this week. Latin for Children turned out to be too advanced for DJ and Ken, but just right for Michelle. Ken and DJ suggested going back to Song School Latin, this time with the writing assignments. I think they got the big picture of where Latin can take you and now are serious enough to master some lessons, after all they want to be doing what Big Sis is doing and are willing to do some work to get there.  Michelle has taken off with this program and has made a series of recordings. Michelle gave me permission to share the video below.   I am so happy that Michelle enjoys this, she plans to be a Doctor, and this will definitely help her it turned out to my favorite resource this week.

  Write Shop turns out to be great fit for Ken and DJ.

 Ken learned about improving her wrting. In the picture she crossed out all the adjectives, and then read it . This helped her to realize how important concrete writing is, she also did a practice paragraph describing an object. Ken also she did copy work for the first time and did a fantastic job.                                                                                          

 DJ made a Punctuation Marks reference folder and starting working on writing letters. In the picture above is an example of a modeling exercise we did together.

Michelle continued writing her book, and did LOTS of language work involving Latin lessons.

They also worked on quite a few reviews in the evening.Well that pretty much sums up the school week for us. Next week will be adding in more subjects.

How was your week? Any surprises? Let me know in the comments I would love to read about it.        

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  1. Great work! I love how you combine Montessori with other kind of project work at the same time following your kid's interest. You also run your own business, supermom!

  2. Great week! You really seem to love all of your materials choices for this year! Great job Mom!

  3. Wow! What a wonderful, productive start to the year you've all had! It really is neat to added all of the advanced work. Makes me want to go back for more certifications!

  4. Are you enjoying the Song School Latin? We love it! I like that Periodic Table - where did you get that one? I ordered the C-Span Electoral College poster, but it hasn't come in yet. You have lots of great stuff going on, as usual!

    1. The periodic table was purchased at Jo Ann Fabrics for only two bucks. If you have one in your area, get your educators card for a discount of 15% off every item.

  5. Wow! There's so much language learning going on in your homeschool. I'm impressed! I can't wait to get more writing in our days. For now, enthusiastic reading is a new blessing, and I'll take it.

    Great job, Momma!

  6. What a productive week! Doesn't it feel good when life goes how you envisioned it? :)
    Thanks for linking up with Favorite Resources.


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