Thursday, September 20, 2012

Time Line of Life Companion Books Inspire Copywork

I am really flabbergasted about the way DJ has taken to to the Time Line of Life material. I purchased the complete set from Alison's Montessori that comes along with Companion books and Informational cards. DJ has been using the books for Copywork. DJ decided that he wanted this information in his handy notebook and the writing hasn't stopped.

He first started copying from the Paleozoic Era.

 Every now and then he would share some information from the book with me that he found really interesting.

 He pays close attention to his writing, and now Write Out is a must. DJ has to use his favorite pen as well because to him the pen writes better when your doing a lot of writing and Write Out and pens go together.
 For the past two days it has been all about the Eras and copying the words from the book exactly how it is written, because he doesn't want to learn the wrong information. His point of interest he has brought to my attention is that he wants his own companion books, so he is saving me money by copying the book:) Very thoughtful indeed!

 DJ tunes out everything that is going on, and he reads aloud while he writes.

 He has done Copywork of the companion books even up to bedtime. Since he is saving me money by copying this book, I chose not to distract him to tell him that he has Write Out on the couch and the lid appears to be halfway open. I am not complaining one bit!! My heart is smiling that this is something that he is enjoying doing without any solicitation from me. Learning about prehistory while writing what more could I ask for?
  Before DJ went to bed he asked me if I had anything about the different types of Porifera, and for the very first time I was one step of him. I observed him closely while he was doing this work. It was amazing!! I watched him periodically go to the computer, I didn't say a word. When I got a chance to get to the computer he was using I browsed the history. He had been looking for Poriferas, but was only getting the definition, or being sent to one link to another. I instantly downloaded the Types of Poriferas from Montessori Print Shop and quickly laminated it so it would be ready when the time came.

I am sure you'll get to see a picture of this work in action.  

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  1. It is beautiful when they become inspired by something we provide them. I am sure he will never forget this. I am learning so much from you. Thanks for linking up.

  2. Wow! This is so cool! I made my own timeline and I think that I should have bought it so that I had the books and cards that come with it! Bunny has questions, but no place to find good answers! Thanks for sharing all the great work! Happy Schooling!

  3. You can find a lot of information at They have companion books available there for free!!

    You did a fabulous job making your time line!!

    Happy Schooling to you as well.

  4. it is always nice to see his work and how much he enjoys it.
    thanks for sharing

    1. Thank you Patty, it is always good to hear from you.

  5. WOW!!! Impressive!!! I love when children take interest in something, and just take off! I love all parts of this: his iniating the copywork, finding what tool he likes best, the learning, the computer skills, your being prepared for what comes next, and finally, your patience with the Write Out on the couch! You're a better woman than I :) as I'm still upset with the glitter glue name written on the back of my couch, that's been there for 4 years. I love this!! Thanks for sharing! It always seems like you have the BEST HOMESCHOOL!

    1. Thank you for the compliment!! "I also have several Keeping It Real" post coming soon inspired by my bloggy friend Mary who blogs at Winecup Christian Academy. I failed to mention in this post for several reasons, the bickering, lunch has been over screams, the I don't want to get up dilemmas. I hope this information brings a truer picture of our home school journey. They do enjoy working, and for memory purposes it best that I focus more on the good than the bad. Although I do record the bad in my personal journal in hopes that I can reflect and help from having too many bad memories:)


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