Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fun Friday

After Friday morning work period. I surprised the kids with a game of bowling!!

Michelle says while were leaving " So were you guys having fun like this while I was at school?".        
DJ being the little brother, responds by saying " We did  things that were more fun this!"
 Janessa is in her world filled with anticipation of when the ball is going to come back up and how is the ball able to come back up.
          Ken is soaking it all up and saying " I am glad it is Friday".

A new ritual we have on Friday afternoons we are going to have some fun, not related to the classroom. Then it becomes hard to find things like this. Even playing bowling you are learning probability, counting, adding, completing story problems like, If I get two strikes, and one spare what will be my score? These are the things that they were doing without realizing that school was actually taking place,

They'll learn more about the physics, and math that goes into the game of bowling for the next month I'll be sneaking some of this stuff in, since they have nominated bowling their game for Friday Fun for the month of October.      

P.S. Sorry about the quality of the pictures, next time I'll be sure to turn on the flash:)                                                    

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