Saturday, September 22, 2012

Read and Write The Room: A Kindergarten Post

I hesitant to start documenting Janessa's Kindergarten journey due to so many changes that are going on  regarding her schooling right now. Janessa and I have worked with each other since she was eighteen months on and off. The off time would last between 2-6months at a time. The off time always came right when she was settled ready to move on, and then the cycle repeated itself and we would always have to start right where we left off again. Here we are again with a year commitment made by the parents and I. A commitment I hold dear to my heart.

Janessa's learning style is very eclectic. She is drawn to the Montessori practical life works, math materials, and cultural materials. She strongly dislikes Montessori language materials that are not prepared in a theme based way. Janessa has a love for workbooks that I have never seen before in a child. I gave her a thirty page workbook that she completed in two days!! This made her day and she was very displeased with me when I didn't have another one for her to do. So right now I am making some workbook pages to make into books that I have gathered around the web mostly from The Helpful Garden. Janessa's favorite thing to do is sketch and paint. A wonderful artist she is!!

I am preparing a special place for her in the classroom. Having this area will allow her to visualize what works she will be choosing from. Right now she is choosing materials that have been mastered, putting them away in five minutes, etc. I want her to be able to do meaningful work that she will be able to gain deeper understanding about. This child loves to learn, has no problem staying busy, it is my job now to prepare a better environment for her.

Today I would like to share an activity that has been repeated over and over, her favorite yet.
 Read and Write The Room ABCS! is  a simple and fun activity to put together. You can find this activity at All Students Can Shine.                                                                               
  You just cut out the letters and tape them to the wall.
 It comes with a recording sheet that the child uses to write the letters down when they find them. A fun ABC scavenger hunt. The recording sheet asks for the child to put them in alphabet order, but I adjusted it for Janessa. I wrote the letters with a highlighter and she traced the letters when she found them. Great matching activity and she loved  moving around the classroom looking for letters.

For those of you that have children who can write and are learning to identify letters. I hope this post was helpful. Next week I'll be back to share Janessa's learning space with you.



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