Wednesday, September 5, 2012

" Seat Belts Everyone"

Before we delve into some "real" chemistry lessons I thought that the kids would enjoy some hands on fun with Ms.Fizzle. Lots of experiments to perform and a perfect go along kit to the Great Lesson story "God Who Has No Hands".  In this boxed kit it has all of the follow up experiments as well. We have been reading our Great Lesson go along books this week. So it wasn't a surprise when they busted out this work today. I think they found their rhythm.



The kit only requires a few household materials. 
I placed all of the materials that came with the kit in a plastic container, the experiment cards in an index box.
This is how it is set up on the shelf. Independence is the key and when inspiration sparks they are good to go. 

Once they have completed the experiments in the Magic School Bus kit I have this kit all ready to go.

This year I really want them to understand and perform the Scientific Method. This kit does a great job of following the method. They have official Science Experiment Journals to help with documentation. They love making up experiments, and they love finding out why their experiment may not have turned out as planned.. There are 40 experiment cards, this should keep them busy as we add in zoology, botany and yes, more human body work, then some formal Chemistry. Michelle is doing something entirely different since she has already done this type of work before. Dr. Michelle is discovering a "mystery disease" that has gotten everybody sick who has attended a fair. It is also another work that is project based, more about this later.                                                                  


  1. What an amazing kit. I don't have budget for this, this year. Next year for sure! D would love this!

  2. Replies
    1. I have admit the cards are the reason why I brought the kit.


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