Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Write To Read, Read To Learn: Language Link Up

DJ has some required work to complete each day and every other day he is required to do a Language Arts activity. We use Write Shop for formal writing lessons, and a whole lot of Montessori materials so that he is is able to manipulate what he is learning. Every other day he is given a lesson, the other days well he writes. DJ writes about snakes, and all things robots as often as he can. I just want him to know that there are ways  we can improve our writing styles. Making it a required work doesn't take the fun out of the work just guidance along the way could give him more options as he grows and mom knows she meeting those state standards you get my drift:)

Write Shop  Junior Book D begins the first lesson with review. As suggested we read The Punctuation Station by Brian P. Cleary. Through playful ryhymes and colorful illustrations learning about punctuation marks is so much fun.

Then he made his first handy dandy Fold N' Go. Later he will refer to this file folder as a reference tool to use to help him should he ever forget the rules for punctuation marks. At the bottom of each page he wrote in the correct punctuation for the sentences that were given to check for his understanding.

This lesson went over really well and you couldn't even tell that this was required work.

DJ chose this particular file folder because it had pencils on it, which would help him to remember that this particular folder is his Puctuation Marks reference.

The completed Punctuation Marks Fold N' Go

It tickled me that he was so happy to have new bookmarks that he cut out while completing the fold n go pages.

       I think he is going to love Write Shop Junior D.

What language activities do your children enjoy doing? 

This year we are intentionally making sure reading and writing is fun! If you have any Language related activities please share. Every Wednesday I will have a linky so that you can link up past or current writing, or reading activities. All ages, all methods of learning are encouraged. Just link exactly to your blog postings so we can all find the specific post and link back here so everyone can find the wonderful contributions. One more favor, could you please comment on the person's blog that linked before you? Encouraging words always brightens someone's day.I have been a part of linkys where only the host get comments. Not fair! We all put time and effort in our blogs and let's show each other some blog love. I am looking forward to visiting all of your blogs and reading what you have shared. Thank you so much for participating!!

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