Friday, September 28, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up: Fall Week 4

This week in Math  DJ worked with the Division Charts, and the Long Chains 6/8 . He also completed worksheets to glue into his math journal                               
Ken has been enjoying geometry lessons with the Geometric Sticks material.
Michelle has completed lessons 13-17 in Teaching Textbooks Algebra 1 which covered various operations with negative numbers.

Tons of Language Ats was done Ken and DJ was introduced to All About Spelling this week and have really enjoyed the structure it has brought to them in regards to reading.                                                                         
Ken definitely knows her suffix rules, and for DJ it is becoming something easier to grasp everyday. He had no idea that there was such a rule and when he paid attention while spelling r-u-l-e-i-n-g with the e it was like a light bulb moment. DJ is proud to know that when you add a suffix to rule it is spelled r-u-l-i-n-g.                                                                             
They also reviewed syllable division rules, and started  using a spelling notebook.                                                                        
 They really took to our first introductory experience to sentence analysis. Using pictures they wrote simple sentences and then found the subject and the predicate.

Write Shop continues to be their highlight of the day. DJ is learning how to write a fiction story with humor. Ken is writing a paragraph describing a pet . Michelle is labeling the house in all different languages, we are learning along with her. Michelle has definitely passed our lessons in Latin, it is fun to see her applying her new skills.                                                                  
For their Botany this week they made parts of the roots booklets.
A moment I will remember is when they were collaborating on a self test in History. They were really resourceful and it just made me smile that they were working as a team. Michelle may not be in the picture, but she was doing her part in researching the questions in another room. They requested this test and peer pressured me to give them a due date, I obliged and they stepped up to the task.
It is just awesome to see that our history work has them wanting to dig deeper for answers.                                                                             
Learning the parts of the flag has been a big hit too!!

They continue to learn more about Monet and this week we discussed how colors make us feel during Art time.     
Michelle has been spending quite a bit of time sketching.

For Geography I introduced them to the second Geographic Impressionistic Chart. This chart explains the location of each planet relative to the sun. The chart also included information about each planet.
We completed the second experiment that allowed them to observe closer the same thing that happens to Jupiter bands of color that we can see with the telescope. Jupiter is made up of gases that don't mix so the colors are visible layer by layer.

We substituted zoology for a Nature Walk.
It was by Michelle's request . This week more than once she shared with me how Home schooling is better than school. This is a big improvement in her feelings from a couple of months ago. One step at a time! I think it is helping that she knows that I will allow her to return to traditional schooling if this semester doesn't work out for her.

   The sizes of  mushrooms kept their attention most of the time during our nature walk.      

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  1. I continue to be in awe of all your hands-on learning! Where to you find all your stuff? On a budget? I think my youngest would benefit from more hands-on stuff, but I only have so much $$ in the homeschool account! LOL

  2. I have purchased most of this stuff over a period of time. The printables sometimes are free and the Montessori materials were purchased either from Kid Advance or Alisons' Montessori. The materials will last them at least two more years unless they begin to eat and sleep school:) It may seem expensive at first, but next year my homeschooling expenses won't be near as high as this year, at least this is what I am hoping for. If you are crafty you can save a lot of money.

  3. It's so cool to see that, in addition to pursuing their own interests so passionately, they collaborate as well. The foundation they're building for a lifetime of living and learning is so solid. Love the wrap up, as always.

  4. As usual, your homeschool looks so fun! I am intrigued by nature walks, but seem to have issues in actually carrying one out.

  5. Wow! So many fun hands-on activities. Are you doing Apologia Zoo?

  6. so many great activities. I hope after my kids grow up I can have the energy you have to keep them focus with dedication.
    you are just a great mama!

  7. I like all of your activities! I wish I knew more about what you actually did. I am afraid that I am not very familiar with the Montessori method. I am also curious about the science experiment. Do you use Montessori science as well?

    1. Yes we do use the Culture materials for botany and zoology. I am still looking for an album that will fit us for chemistry.

  8. I love all the hands on stuff! Where did the chart about the planets come from?

    1. The Geographic Impressionistic Charts were purchased as a download from Montessori For Everyone. They look even better in person!

  9. I wish I had that box of letters. :) Really great looking week. Hope you enjoy this one, too!

  10. Thank you ladies for taking the time to leave a comment. It really makes my day to read all of them!!


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