Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Long Bead Chain #6

Today is a different kind of day. Tuesday mornings Michelle and Ken volunteer at the church. I usually have six children who attend the preschool on Tuesdays. This Tuesday seems to be strange but certainly as perfect as it can get. No one came today for various reasons, so it is just DJ and I at home and he is very busy working!! DJ has a new " How to Draw Animals" book and it is going to keep him occupied for awhile. In the meantime I am blogging about his math work he did and then I am heading to the store for some ink, pick up a special lunch, and then we are all together doing lessons in regards to Latin and the Elections this afternoon.

DJ worked with the Long Chain #6 today. This was his choice because he has been doing multiplication equations using various materials to achieve mastery. Today he decided he wanted to skip count by six and not just to 60!  I showed him the Long chain and then he got to work.
         Labeling the chain, while counting by sixes to the number 216.
He requested some worksheets that go along with the short chains that are available from Montessori Print Shop. The worksheets he did ages ago and I was surprised that he still remembered doing them.  

DJ also worked with the Short Six Chain.

 DJ's point of interest in the worksheets was that he would be able to glue some work into his math journal.



  1. Thanks for posting about the worksheet for the bead chains. This is a forgotten material at present in our home and I think this would revive some interest again!

  2. Fun! Kal-El did the seven chains this week. I had forgotten about those worksheets, he might like those.

  3. LOve it!! HE did an amazing job!!! I love the worksheets too!!! and I think my princess will like it!! Thanks for share it!! Hugs!


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