Monday, September 10, 2012

Their Art Shelf

We did our preview lesson in Meet the Masters the art curriculum that we will be using this year. The kids were giving me hugs and kisses during the lesson. They were surprised that learning about art and art history could be so much fun. Needless to say, today was a very artsy day. I'll share more in another post about how Art inspired such a wonderful atmosphere, but today I wanted to share a little about our materials on their art shelf.

                                                                 A full view of the Art Shelf.

         Top shelf: Photo of a painting from the artist we are studying and a book about the artist.

                   Second shelf: Fabric markers, multicultural markers, chalk pastels and oil pastels.

                                            Middle shelf: Paint brushes and paints of all kind.

                                Bottom shelf: large construction paper and paper bags.

                                     On the right side of the shelf is their art portfolios.

         On  the other side of the shelf is Newsprint and placemats to use while doing art.
 On the top shelf of the language materials is different designed construction paper, scrapbook paper, and colored card stock.                                                        
            Some more writing supplies on a language shelf.

Come back on Wednesday and I'll show you more like where the glue is stored. We kinda combined our Writing Center and Art materials together. Nothing Fancy, but organized and inspiring.



  1. I'm always in awe of your organizational skills. You're a natural Montessorian!

  2. Your compliment has made my day!! Thank you so much.


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