Monday, September 17, 2012

Music Appreciation: Follow The Child

Can't you just picture it? Your children learning while listening to Vivaldi's Four Seasons, or being able to identify what instruments are being played in Beethoven's Ninth Symphony. The vision is beautiful isn't it?

For my children this isn't what is up right now. When I introduced them to Vivaldi they were staring at me like I was speaking a foreign language, rightfully so. I don't listen to this music, but in my defense when they were all little babies they enjoyed falling asleep listening to it. They are a lot bigger now and the Classics ain't happening!!

 We been reading about the Classics reading The Story of the Orchestra . They have bared through the readings and listened to the CD, but I can clearly see that this is not interesting to them at all. Maybe one day:)
Maestro Classics' storytelling of the Hare and Tortoise made them feel like they were being dumb downed. There is good news about this material though. Janessa a kindergartner is loving it!! The questions my children have been asking her about it. has resulted in her coming up with great projects. I'll definitely share later what she has been busy doing with this work.

I digress! They want music appreciation and they want to know more about Pop music. This is new to me my kids don't watch music videos, or listen to the radio. I however enjoy me some pop music, gold figure!!

 I was thinking who could we learn more about, than it hit me "THE KING OF POP"

 We are reading the Moon Walk an autobiography. They are thrilled to be reading a book written by Micheal Jackson.
 They fell in love with the song ABC sung by the Jackson 5. This child led music appreciation unit has turned out to be the best time of the day for me. Oh, you should them dancing and singing.!!

In the meantime I plan to add some intentional classical listening to my day and I bet one day they will welcome the sounds of the Classics. Until then we are learning the history of pop culture, learning how to dance, interpreting Jackson's songs, writing  lyrics that tell a story while we learn about the genius of Pop Music Micheal Jackson.


  1. It sounds like your kids know what they like! What a great way to explore it, too. Loving classical music is not a requirement ;)

  2. " Loving classical music is not a requirement"
    I love how you worded this Melissa!! Thank you so much.


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