Monday, September 10, 2012

Election Unit

This year we will have one long mommy led unit, and then we will do a community service project for the second one. We will be learning about the Election and the whole process. The kids are actually excited about this. I have DVR'd the primaries and we will definitely be adding this in as a resource. The commercials are appealing to them as well, especially to Ken who is really good about finding propaganda in just about anything that comes on television. LOL. What makes this so long is we will only be dedicating just one hour, one day a week to this unit. We will start today and probably wrap up it up a little after the inauguration of the president at the end of January 2013. It is a blessing to me to be able to home school all three of my children in an election year, and there is no guarantee that this will ever happen again. So I am taking advantage of this opportunity and hope that a mommy led unit goes over well with them.

I found a couple of activity guides that are just jam packed with doable activities from Scholastic.

 The books allow me to easily find activities that address the same topic and make them suitable for the children's age ranges.

 DJ's mini book only has 8 pages total, and Ken's and Michelle's have 30 pages. American Government is an interest of  Kens' so I don't think it will be a problem with her successfully completing it. The mini books are completed during the entire unit study so no one is completing these in one sitting. I will probably will share a photo of the inside so that you would have a better idea of what the difference is between the two mini books.

I have several books that I plan to read or one of them will read a loud to each other. These two we are starting this week, it kinda answers some questions in their mini books. They also are good reads!! I'll be sharing the books in this unit as we read them. I ordered Sunday's newspaper and DJ has already been learning about Current Events. We are also reviewing another resource that we have incorporated into this mommy led study.

On another note, my intentions is to guide my children through the process of the elections, expose them to American government, learn how to make a good speech, and learn how one may choose a candidate to vote for. It is not my purpose or goal whatsoever to influence them to become a Democrat, Republican or an Independent. The importance of secret ballots will be stressed and they do not have to vote( we will be having pretend voting booths on numerous topics) for who mom will vote for. It is a freedom that I plan to express every moment while teaching this unit.

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  1. Your election unit is awesome! I'm looking forward to seeing more about the videos your kids made! I featured your election unit posts and your photo from this post in my Montessori-Inspired Election Unit at


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