Thursday, September 13, 2012

Time Line of Life Work

Yesterday we did Presentation 1 in our History Manual which is introducing the children to the Precambrian Era, Paleozoic Era, Mesozoic Era, and The Cenozoic Era. We discussed the periods that are included in each Era. Also they were able to use the the Time Line to find out when did invertebrates, fish, reptiles, mammals, trilobites, and crinoids arrived on Earth. This Time Line is full of information and basically the first presentation was introducing the basic concepts to understand how to use the information on it.

Michelle was happy to quickly identify the Epochs(periods divided) that are only identified on the Time Line during the Cenozoic Era.                                                          

Our history lesson was done at the end of our scheduled school time which was not a good idea. Their interest level was high. They wrote down in the planners what they would plan to do with the Time Line for the next day.                                                                                      

On another note, I couldn't find out how the Time Line of Life is stored in any home school or Montessori setting. I searched one of  my favorite stores(Target) and came up with this for solution .

 Matching laundry hamper and bin. The hamper holds the Time Line, labels and  die cut outs. The bin holds the books and informational cards.

This is how it looks entering the room. I think this will work out for us. It helps to keep everything together. The Time Lines roll up and this was the best storage system that I could find.

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  1. You can't find any examples because you're the first one! There is only one other example I could think of off hand:

    Thanks for showing what you did, because I've been pondering this myself. I've been wondering if shoe cubbies would work turned facing up. I don't know if it would require me to roll the timeline too tightly though.

    1. Shoe cubbies is a great idea! Target does make those in different sizes too/

  2. Thank you for linking up to the History and Geography meme. I am looking forward to seeing your timeline once you get to Ancient history!

  3. Love your geography/history link up so many resources.

  4. Thanks for this post! And I appreciate that you included how you store the work. Sometimes that's a problem for me and frustrating. I think my daughters would like to do this.....

  5. I love that you showed how you're storing the work. It's so much fun that a number of bloggers are doing Montessori elementary homeschooling now. You're helping lead the way! Thanks so much for linking up with Montessori Monday. I featured your post at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page and pinned it to my Montessori Elementary Activities and Ideas Board at (Thanks for adding the search widget, too!) :)


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