Monday, September 24, 2012

We Added In......

This morning we added Spelling into our day. Ken and DJ are great readers but spelling is an entirely different story. Last year I tried and sometimes was successful incorporating spelling activities. If it was a choice activity they didn't repeat the work enough to really improve their spelling skills. They did complete a lot of syllabication work that I observed today was a great pay off for them.

I was surprised by how well they knew how to divide the words by the syllable, but didn't know any syllable division rules in order to divide them. We are using All About Spelling Level 5, and I was happy to find that  Syllable Division Rules was in the review before starting Step 1.

 I first  read them the rules aloud. They then took the paper from me, because they are visual  learners and had to read it themselves. After that I read some words as instructed in the Teacher Manual that they spelled using The Movable Alphabet.                                                                           
 After a few words, I asked them if they would like to label the words with the syllable rules after they broke the word down by syllables.      
   They agreed and had fun while labeling the words.                                                                                  

 Both of them referred to the Division Chart as reference while competing the activity.        
 It is a nice start to learning the rules and trust me I'll  have some additional work choices for them to extend this activity on the shelf.                                                                              


  1. That looks wonderful! We, too, are using AAS, but we're on Level 1, almost ready to move to Level 2. We're moving very slowly, but I've seen a huge improvement.

    Great job!!

  2. Thank you Donna for stopping by and leaving a comment!!


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